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P4T CS:GO First Blood Tournament

P4T CS:GO First Blood Tournament

Saturday, Sep 21, 2019
- Monday, Sep 30, 2019

8:00pm - 8:00pm


To participate in our first CS:GO Tournament, follow the rules:
1. All participants must be registered on our site
2.Team leader register the team and pay entry fee of $ 50 ($ 10 per participant)
3. After registration, each team receives  1000ipl tokens
4. Prize pool is $ 2,000  and 200 000 ipl tokens
    First place: $ 1,100 and 100,000ipl tokens
    Second place: $ 600 and 50,000ipl  tokens
    Third place: $ 300 and 50,000ipl tokens

Each registered team receives a discount of 30% for purchase on our web shop
5.In order to hold the tournament, at least 20 teams must be registered, if there are less than 20 registered teams, the tournament will not be held and the money will be returned to all teams

6.Registration for the CS:GO tournament will be open from 20.07-20.09 at 8am

20.09 in evening we will announce the names of the teams and schedule on our site

8.Tournament will start 21.09

Rules of Game

The software used is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Steam latest Version).

It is a 5 (Five) Player Team Tournament.no

Each team must present 1 (one) representative.

He/ she will be responsible for his/her team and will be responsible for choosing maps and all communication with referees must be done through the team captain.

The tournament will be played with the following rule set:Rounds: 30 Rounds (Fifteen as each side[Terrorists & Counter-Terrorists])

Victory Conditions: The first team to win 16 rounds wins the map and the round is over immediately.

Each individual round is 1:45 in duration.

Starting side will be chosen by a knife round.

In case of a tie after the regulation rounds end (15-15), 6 extra rounds will be played. 3 rounds as Terrorists and 3 rounds as Counter-Terrorists.

First team to win 4 rounds wins the map. [Repeat if necessary].

Extra rounds restart money: $10,0001 Substitute is allowed, registered 5 must play through duration of tournament.

The first team to win 16 rounds will be declared the victor of the match and will advance.

The map each team will play will be picked through a map veto.

Players may not use alias jump throw bind, Players are allowed to use the Macro Jump throw.

Pixel Walking is not permitted, A player will be considered to be pixel walking if they manipulate their character into sitting or standing on invisible map edges.

The bomb may not be planted in a location where it cannot be defused, in a location where it is not touching a solid object, or in a location where it is not making the normal “beeping” noise.

Players may not use objects to cover a bomb in such a way that it cannot be defused.

Players may not defuse a bomb through a solid object.

The use of in-game changing scripts is strictly prohibited.

Only game-related chat is allowed during live game-play.

Any form of cheating and/or ghosting is strictly forbidden and may lead to immediate disqualification and previous matches may also be reviewed.

Tournament officials may opt to deduct further points and or disqualify the Team from the league entirely.

The Team may also lose any seeding for future Neon Gaming Studio tournaments.

No outside applications / executables / dll’s / workshop items, read _ANY_ method of gaining an advantage over the other team is allowed in the tournament.

Players not ready within 15 minutes (outside technical issues/Server issues handled by NGS Admins team) of their match will forfeit that match.

Map List:de_inferno_train_mirage_nuke_dust II_vertigo

Maps will be decided through an online veto system or a plug-in.

Event Location

Online tournament with finale in Cyber Crew Cafe Belgrade
Belgrade, 11080

Event Fees

|Team Ticket
$ 50.00



Registered teams so far:

1.team:    Adriatic team / Lemyyyy / spacle64 / Nodyy / fonstey / Bajroo9
2. team:  PLAYGROUND23.P4T / tati / acele / uckozaminje / persecutor / gphreak
3.team:   Milos Popovic
4.team:   G4M1NG
5.team: Fantastic E-sports / Braxie / vale / galaksy / choda / deta